The Life Saving Benevolent Association (LSBA) was founded in 1849 by a group committed to saving lives along the shores of New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey.  The Association has three main objectives:

  • To recognize and reward courage in the rescue of human life at sea or on navigable waters.
  • To encourage training in seamanship, rescue methods, and resuscitation; and
  • To perform other services of a charitable and educational nature.
LSBA 2020 Awardees: L-R Capt. Marc Sennick (USCG), Tyree Ward (Awardee), Anthony Capuano (Awardee), the Rev. Mark Nestlehutt (President, LSBA)

Since its first awards ceremony in 1850, the LSBA has been privileged to honor the lifesaving efforts of more than 1,000 heroes. Inscribed on the medals that the LSBA awards is the Latin phrase Vita felicibus ausis servata, which translates as “human life saved by successful daring deeds”. Today, that is exactly what we continue to celebrate.